‘Believe Me’: Tim Kaine Mocks Trump in Vice Presidential Acceptance Speech

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PHILADELPHIA — As Sen. Tim Kaine officially accepted the Democratic vice presidential nomination Wednesday night, he immediately began to fulfill his duty as an attack dog on the GOP’s presidential candidate, Donald Trump. 

“Now, you know who I don’t trust? Donald Trump,” Kaine, a Democrat from Virginia, said. “Trump is a guy who promises a lot but you might have noticed, he’s got a way of saying the same two words every time he makes his biggest, hugest promises — ‘believe me.’”

The former Virginia governor then began to mockingly impersonate the Manhattan billionaire as he mimicked Trump, saying “believe me,” as he mocked Trump’s proposal for a wall across the country’s southern border.

“By the way, does anyone in this auditorium believe that Donald Trump has been paying his fair share of taxes?” Kaine asked to applause and laughter.

Kaine also highlighted other Republicans who have voiced their qualms or outright opposition of the bombastic candidate such as former First Lady Barbara Bush and Ohio Gov. John Kasich “who had the honor of hosting the Republican convention in Cleveland but wouldn’t attend it because he thinks Trump is such a moral disaster.”

“Folks, you cannot believe one word that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth,” Kaine contended. “Our nation is too great to put it in the hands of a slick-talking, empty-promising, self-promoting, one man wrecking crew.”

“If any of you are looking for the party of Lincoln, we’ve got a home right here for you in the Democratic Party,” Kaine said Wednesday.

In a semi-bilingual speech, Kaine highlighted his own past as a lawyer who fought for minorities and mission work in Honduras.

As for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Kaine painted the former secretary of state as a trustworthy candidate who is ready — or “lista” — to take over as commander-in-chief of the United States.

“She’s ready because of her faith. She’s ready because of her heart. She’s ready because of her experience,” Kaine said. “She’s ready because she knows in America that we are stronger together.”

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‘Believe Me’: Tim Kaine Mocks Trump in Vice Presidential Acceptance Speech
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